1 crore – 5 BHK Cottage on 3 Nali Land in Hartola, Uttarakhand

View of the Himalayan peaks from the plot

A 5 BHK cottage is available in Hartola near Nainital for sale. This under construction cottage is being tastefully done and is adjoining to the main road on the road going from Hartola to Satpuri.

The cottage sits on a 3 nali (1 nali = 2160 square feet) and has full grown fruits trees on it. There is electricity connection and once completed will be the envy of all holiday home owners in the area.

The area receives snowfall in the winters and the climate is cool all throughout the year.  

The cottage offers stunning views of the Himalayas from each bedroom and also the valley below. Opposite the cottage is the forested area, so no tension of houses coming up and obstructing your view.

If you want a larger area, the owner is ready to sell the 3 nali plot adjoining the plot. The plot has fully grown fruit trees like apples, peaches and apricots, etc.

The cottage will be complete in by May 2018. If you want to visit the site and take a look, give us a call or shoot an email to us.