Rs 64 Lacs – Himalayan View Plots on Nathuakhan-Hartola Road

There are two plots adjacent to each other on the road that takes you to Hartola from Nathuakhan. One plot is 3 nali (1 nali = 2160 square feet), while the other is 3.5 nalis. Both the plots have access to the main road and offers great views of the Himalayan snow peaks. In the middle of pollution free environment surrounded by  thick greenery both the plots are a sight to behold and to build your second home. Because it is adjacent to the road, cost of construction will also be less. The best part is the plots are not very far off from the Nathuakhan market, which means getting the necessities is no problem at all.

The price of the plots are Rs 36 lacs and 28 lacs respectively, a price which is supposedly very attractive considering its great location. Email us at for a site visit.